Attentive IT

Currently serving customers in the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Conejo Valley, & Simi Valley

Managing Your Information Technology So You Can Manage Your Business

Are you frustrated with computer crashes that cause you to lose both money and time? Attentive IT will proactively manage your technology from behind the scenes, eliminating errors and glitches before they even start. Less technology worry + Attentive IT = Successful Business.

Understanding How Your Business Processes Relates to Your Technology

Great relationships are in the details, and the same can be said of your business’s technology. Attentive IT will get to know your business intimately to understand exactly what you need to run efficiently. From this critical understanding we can track the technology that supports it in detail. And, like the best relationships in your lives, you’ll be able to trust us. Your technology is safe and secure so your business can thrive. Trust + Attentive IT = Secure & Successful Business.

Providing a Clear Picture of What Information Technology Management Is

IT is technical, but understanding it doesn’t have to be. The same goes with how you manage your business technology. Our team will always be straight forward and clear both with our personal interactions as well as our email communication. This includes a weekly executive report showing our behind-the-scenes maintenance as well as issues that we’ve spotted and corrected. What? You still have questions? Call us! Attentive IT never hides behind its technology and will be happy to explain it you. Clarity + Attentive IT = Technology Understanding (Finally!)

Proactively Managing Your Technology – The Human Touch

We don’t just backup your files and data – a person checks each backup for success. We don’t just install your server – we check that it has proper cooling, power and healthy hard drives – continuously. We don’t just install a backup Internet connection – we check that it’s working throughout the day. Yes, your business needs technology, but your company needs people. And not just any people – people who care about you and the details… people like Attentive IT. Personal Care + Attentive IT = Flourishing Business.


What Do We Do?

Remote Support

Open a ticket, speak with our staff, problem resolved … in minutes, no waiting for an on-site visit.

Managed IT Services

Our IT department will watch for viruses, install security / bug fixes, even keep an eye on electrical power quality … all without hiring an employee.

On-site Support

New computer, server, network, WiFi, telephone … we’ll be there in person to take care of it.

Telephones and Internet

Lower costs and one provider to call for computers as well as telephones.



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