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Smart business VoIP services for Los Angeles organizations are essential to staying easily connected. When working with Attentive, you’ll get a suite of solutions to help your team stay connected, productive and competitive. By delivering state-of-the-art business phone system solutions using the 3CX platform, teams are able to streamline operations while being able to easily scale up or down.

Just imagine having a potential prospect call, only for the phone to be down, or maybe even worse, not answered at all! 3CX is a powerful and flexible VoIP platform that allows businesses to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS messages, collaborate with colleagues and customers using a selection of tools, and much more. With convenient features such as find-me, follow-me, mobile pairing, auto-attendant, call conferencing and more, customers and employees will be able to enjoy the enhanced connection experience they are looking for.

Business VoIP Services Los Angeles, CA

Business VoIP Systems for Modern Workplaces

Virtual PBX: Virtual PBX can be set up without the need for expensive hardware or complicated software. Simply choose a local or toll-free number, or keep the one you have, customize your greetings and voicemail, and start taking calls right away.

Extension Dialing: With extension dialing, you can set up extensions for each of your employees, allowing them to easily make calls with each other and transfer lines as needed. This feature is quite useful for companies with multiple locations or remote employees.

Call Queues: If you have high-volume incoming calls, you can use our call queue feature to ensure that each call is answered promptly and politely. Callers can be placed on hold with music or a personalized message while they wait for an available representative.
 Don’t make them wait too long, though!

Call Recording: Our call recording feature allows you to record calls for quality assurance, training, or compliance purposes. You can choose to make records of specific calls or unique extensions, and the recordings can be accessed and played back through the 3CX web client.

SMS: With our SMS feature, you can send and receive text messages from your business phone number, making it easy to send offers, take help desk requests or even schedule meetings with customers and colleagues on the go.

business phone systems Los Angeles, CA

Benefits of Advanced VoIP Services

Businesses of all sizes need the best-in-class customer experience. Through modern VoIP telephone solutions, they are able to take their communications to the next level. Never worry about losing an opportunity from a missed call again.

  • Reduce Overhead: Whether operating in one location, multiple locations, or even with remote employees, reduce long distance and leased line charges right off the bat. Best of all, keep any current phone numbers the same, if desired.
  • Eliminate Costly Technicians: Our system can easily be maintained in-house with a few simple clicks of the mouse. No more waiting around for techs to show up or paying high fees.
  • Stay Connected: With call-forwarding, stay connected from anywhere at any time. No one will even know you’re not in the office!

What Exactly is a Virtual PBX Phone System?

A PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange. This is basically a private telephone network that allows users the ability to talk to each other over the internet. The system uses IP (internet protocol) communications. Contrary to traditional phone systems, on-premise phone lines and hardware are not required. Virtual PBX solutions can be hosted by us and/or deployed on a cloud platform. It’s really quite convenient!

Internet Phone Systems are the Wave of the Future

We offer collaboration tools to help teams stay in touch, regardless of location. Additionally, you can even use a web client to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS messages, and participate in audio and video conferences. You can also use the 3CX apps for iOS and Android to operate on mobile devices, as needed.

Once you join our family of clients, Attentive will provide expert installation, setup, and support. We can help you choose the right package for your organization, and provide ongoing assistance to ensure that your system is always running smoothly.

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Business VoIP Services for Everyone

Whether requirements call for a traditional phone or VoIP solution, Attentive can source the right product for every need. With a comprehensive unified communications set up, users have increased mobility, which will help increase productivity and real-time collaboration. Send and receive team chats, see who is available, place calls and get voicemails all from one easy-to-use application. These enterprise-level features are at your fingertips – literally.

Highly Configurable Business Phone Systems

To sum up, no matter if someone is on a desktop phone, mobile device or even a computer, everything is packaged in one easy-to-use system. Not only that, but a cloud-based phone configuration is customized around the employee’s needs. This, in turn, adds convenience for the different work-styles everyone has – and we know there are many now-a-days!

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Next-level business VoIP services to keep teams connected.